The secret of life: Keep looking up...

Sometime, we have to look to cartoons to get the best advice.  

When you are in business for yourself, sometimes it's a little hard to keep your head up.  The reason for being in business for yourself is to be able to control your own time and your own life style.  When your business runs into bumps and it feels like your business is controlling your time and life style.  

When you keep looking up, you look beyond the bumps in the road and you can see the bigger picture; where you are going.  If you are looking down, you are going to see all the bumps, even the ones that don't require very much of your time.  It gets really overwhelming!  When you are looking up, the bumps look a lot smaller, if you see them at all.  Some bumps just require an email.  Not a big bump at all; more like a wave, just roll with it.

I enjoy my business (now). I didn't always enjoy it.  I had lots of distractions and I hated talking to people.  Now, everything is my choice.  If I don't hit it off with someone, I don't talk to them.  If they want to order my products, I send them to a website to order and let the company from whom they ordered deal with them.  EASY!  I work with many companies.  I only work with companies that meet my demanding standards.  One of those standards is they have to pay me for every order placed all over the world, no matter who referred the buyer. Some of those payments are less than a penny, but when you add it all up, for every single order, that really adds up over time.

Snoopy is one of my heroes. He just rolls with everything that comes his way.  And, he sleeps ON TOP of his dog house.  How much cooler could a dog be?